The site for cosplayers to get feedback from the community, show off their latest costumes, make friends and meet like minded people!

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How it works/FAQ is a website that allows cosplayers to upload their favorite costumed photos of themselves along with a profile seeking ratings and input from fellow cosplayers and fans along with the opportunity to reach out to other cosplayers giving them your own feedback while making friends within the community. 

What do I do after I sign up and my profile is approved?

Once your registration is approved, you can log back in and add your favorite photos, update your profile details then start rating other cosplayers.  If you find a costume you like, give them a good rating so they will know you think their costume rocks or send them a message letting them know.

Once you log in you can add multiple photos under the "MY Photos" section. You can also comment with other cosplayers. Comments are only visible to coplayers that you have agree to be friends with.

Communication and Ratings

Fans and other cosplayers rate your costume.  Once you receive at least 10 or more ratings, the ratings will then become visible to viewers replacing the “?” on your profile.  Only other registered cosplayers have the option of sending you comments, adding you as a friend or giving you written messages, those communications will only be viewable by you and you can block any other user you choose from sending you further communications. 

How do I comment on other cosplayers costumes?

As described above, once your registration is approved you can click on the "add to friends" button just above other users pictures.  Once your friend request is accepted you can send comments to each other. Comments are only visible between you and your friends. 


You control the information contained in your profile.  Add as much or little information as you want including multiple pictures.  Additionally, you can update the information or add more photos whenever you feel like it.  Through your profile, you can let others know where you are from, your interests, what conventions you’ll be attending next, let them know what costumes you will be going for in the future, promote a link to your website or whatever else you want, within the bounds of decency of course, and within the “Terms and Conditions” limitations on advertisements for services.  Once you have submitted your profile it will generally be approved within 24 hours.

Can I register if I am not a cosplayer?

Currently, as the site stands today, non-cosplayers or fans can rate the cosplayers pictures but they cannot register and upload a picture of themselves or give comments.  We may revisit this policy in the future but for now we want to limit the pictures and comments to cosplayers.

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